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1980 Something was founded on the belief that breakthrough growth is rooted in sustainable advantage and people-centred experience. Through a proprietary approach and experience toolbox, developed over 20 years, we inspire new perspectives, stimulate creativity, and deliver lasting value.



We unlock insight no one else has, to expose opportunities no one else can see, and create value no one else can copy


Customer insight

We combine advanced statistical analysis with proprietary research techniques to identify the most coveted and profitable audiences, uncovering what motivates their purchase intent and—ultimately—what will attract them to your brand.

Growth strategy

We develop, conceptualise, and test new strategies to convert and retain these audiences. You can move into execution with the confidence of what you will deliver: sustainable revenue, superior market share, and enviable profitability.

Integrated experience planning

We translate your vision into a pratical plan, working with your partners to turn your growth strategy into reality, ensuring they don't just deliver new campaigns or technologies, but business outcomes.


The Strategy Code

The Strategy Code

A philosophy, approach, and thinking framework

Developed over many years, the Strategy Code combines decades of business and marketing theory to help brands develop their competitive advantage and compound it. A customer's experience of a brand must reflect and reinforce its advantage—its point of difference. In turn, that advantage is most effective when grounded in the underlying, subconscious, and often emotional needs that drive purchase intent. Through a collection of proprietary tools that sit behind the Strategy Code, we are able to quantify these emotions, segmenting audiences in a new way. It's what allows us to deliver increased brand perception, customer acquisition, price elasticity, and loyalty.


Growth. It's never been more challenging. And possible.

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